What is Prairie?

Prairie Investment Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor and a highly qualified team of financial specialists committed to helping you "Simplify Your Financial Life"

Most people in our complex economic climate and hectic pace of life are finding it increasingly difficult to piece together all the elements of financial planning: investments, insurance, wills and trusts, estate planning, retirement planning and more.

We are skilled in coordinating, advising, and managing all of these areas of your financial life in a way that works to accomplish your objectives while relieving you of uncertainty. We use a team approach. In other words, you become a client of our firm not just of one individual planner within the firm. This means that each client benefits from the combined expertise and coordinated efforts of the entire team in order to produce a comprehensive, unified approach to your financial needs and goals.

Prairie has managed assets for individuals, trade associations, charitable trusts, public foundations, church endowment funds, and company pension/profit sharing plans. We use both individual stocks and mutual funds in constructing investment portfolios. We are experienced Renaissance, Inc. advisors for establishing charitable trusts as well as establishing and servicing foundations for charitable giving.

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The Journey

"...it's got to be the going, not the getting there that's good."

You're strapped into the back seat, white-knuckling the ride. Traffic's crazy all around you, but at least you're keeping up and fighting for position. A guy in a chauffeur's cap is driving like mad, taking you somewhere, but you never look at him or speak. Your nose is pressed to the glass as you concentrate on beating the car beside you into the lane.

Your vehicle's license plate reads FINANCES, and embroidered on the chauffeur's cap is the word VALUES. He has a map in his pocket with an X marking the GOAL.

But the road you're on is full of car-eating potholes, each with a sign sticking up out of the middle. They're tough to read when you're flying along. But when you fall into the hole, suddenly there's that little sign right outside your passenger window. "Curses!", you say, "Why didn't somebody tell me that hole was there?"

Pothole Number One:

Mistaking the vehicle for the destination. Money is not an end, but a means. Is all your attention on the vehicle and not where it's going?

Pothole Number Two:

Ending up at a destination and discovering you don't want to be there. It's the old... "fighting your way up the ladder and finding out it's leaning on the wrong building" idea. Setting goals is not enough. How do you know they're the right ones for you?

Pothole Number Three:

Ignoring the driver. Not just any old driver will do. Are you sure that this driver is taking you where you want to go? Who is he; what's his name; where did he come from? His cap says he is your values, but what are they? Are your most cherished values the ones driving your financial vehicle?
At Prairie Investment Advisors, we know that good financial planning is, first and foremost, not about money, but about what's important to you. Your values matter to us, because they matter to you.

But values are the intangibles in busy lives filled with immediate needs and concrete demands. They can easily be ignored and unexamined, like the chauffeur we never talk to who is taking us to some unknown destination.

We have found it helpful in our own lives to think periodically about what is most important to us in an effort to have those values guide our decisions, financial and otherwise.

Our goal is to not only help you set and meet your financial goals but to focus on how to "enjoy the ride to your financial destination."

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck